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I ran across this “One Year Bible Blog” some time ago. I haven’t followed this particular blog but it did make me wonder about what good blogs are out there to assist us in our Christian walk. A few weeks back I wrote about technology as a devotional tool and received some excellent suggestions of devotions available online from several of you. How about blogs? Have you found some good ones that you find help you grow in faith?

Of course, here on The Network we have wonderful, thoughtful blogs that give us much food for thought and ideas around the work we do in our churches. I’m thinking of blogs that talk about our daily lives in general, that encourage us to grow closer to God.

One blog I follow is called “Stuff Christians Like” by Jon Acuff. Acuff often points out the humorous side of our Christian walk. His is not a blog you’d read as a meditation or something serious like that, but his writing -- including the humor -- does make you think.

What about you? Have you found some blogs that you feel encourage you in your Christian walk? Maybe you or someone in your church writes a blog that you feel helps you grow? Let us know about them.


I blof for CHrist/God continuously...and have attracted some 230,000 spiritual seekers in the last few months, not nec. Christian but non-the-less seeking a spiritual awakening

Here is a link to the early Christian mystics known as the desert fathers spiritual principles that of all people, a hreat spiritual Jewish fellow made for us! This video is most impressive.

Our website has these principles for all people of all faiths.

I might be Christian, with Pentacostal and Assemblies of God and Catholic roots, but I and our team are trying to save lives of drunks and addicts by making the spiritaul side of recovery  FUN!

So, our webpages bounce ecclecly from PRAYERS to Spiritual Tattoos! I know, that sounds funny, but people are flodding in!

God Bless, Bill Booth, author and project manager.

Here are some of our 12 Step MEDITATION videos too! Anf they are totall pro, and inspirational, geel free to use and re-post them at will.

1) From the edge of the universe (SIN) back to earth, form the Hubble

2) Meditation on the path to spiritual awakening, per the12 steps, set in Yosimite Valley and Big Sur

all from

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