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From a survey for identifying ways to serve within the local congregation or community, to daily devotions for Farsi-speaking Christians, nearly a dozen unique and creative ideas were shared during a November 15 gathering of Bridge App administrators.

The online forum featured presentations from half a dozen individuals who administer Bridge App content on behalf of their congregation. They each shared how the ‘Custom Button’ feature has been utilized to reflect the mission and ministries of the local church.

photo courtesy of The Bridge App

Several churches have designed a custom button to pull in Bible stories and videos from Kids Corner, while others are sharing ‘What We Believe’ by connecting to content on the Confessions page on the CRCNA website.  

Pastor Jacob Boer from Bethel CRC (Lacombe, Alberta) explained that the ‘Learn’ custom button on Bethel’s version of the app is “particularly beneficial to newer members, as it helps them to have a better understanding of the Reformed faith.” Pastor Boer’s weekly blog is also directly linked to the app, and members have told him that they find it “much more convenient to have all the church’s content available in one place.”

Mountainview CRC (Grimsby, Ontario) has created a custom button for their Neighborhood Teams, allowing members to quickly see all those who serve within the church and to put faces to names.

Several churches are also posting podcasts and audio sermons, allowing members to listen to or revisit the message while at work or commuting.

First CRC in Sarnia, Ontario has created a custom button that links to a Google Form, enabling their members to quickly scan a list of nearly 30 ways to serve within the local congregation, and select serving opportunities that fit with a member’s giftedness and availability.

Georgetown (Ontario) CRC has also linked a custom button to a form, but one which is designed to gather all the pertinent information from those wanting to register for the children’s and youth ministries.

photo courtesy of The Bridge App

In order to serve a large Farsi-speaking fellowship within their congregation, Willowdale CRC (Toronto, Ontario) has dedicated one of their custom buttons to provide Christian devotions in the Farsi language. Willowdale has also linked two other custom buttons to local community organizations with close ties to the congregation.

The Bridge App, developed in partnership by the CRCNA (Ministry in Canada) and software firm Extreme Technology, is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

More than 100 Christian Reformed congregations in Canada and seven in the United States are using the app, with 10,000 active users. The Bridge App provides instant access to a church’s announcements, events, directory, prayers, and giving opportunities. In 2022, The Bridge App will process roughly $6 million in donations on behalf of local churches.

Watch the video recording of the Custom Buttons town hall

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