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When her parents are getting her ready for church, my little 3-year-old granddaughter asks, “Are we going to the show?” That’s what she calls church -- “the show.” At her church, the service is shown via streaming video to the outlying rooms such as the nursery where she goes each Sunday. One Sunday when she was with my son and daughter-in-law near the sanctuary, she asked, “Can I go see the show?” and wandered around the pews and pulpit in awe.

This total acceptance of technology makes me wonder what the world will be like as my granddaughter’s generation grows up. Already when she wants to watch a DVD she says, “My do it,” and knows how to press the eject button and put in her movie. What else will our children, grandchildren and future generations take for granted in their lives? How will technology not only influence their lives but be just another way they live their lives?

How will “doing church” be different? Already this tiny person sees church as “a show” viewed through a screen like other shows. What other forms will church take? Who knows?

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