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When we think of God’s Kingdom work, we tend to think of “church-ly” activities, but what about using technology for Kingdom work?

A few Sundays ago my pastor, Brad Smith, told an uplifting story of a football coach in Florida whose team was playing a team of down-and-outers from a prison. This coach of a Christian high school asked his community to show the opposing players that they were “just as valuable as any other person on planet Earth.” The community rallied to the idea. Half their supporters sat on the other side and rooted for the the opposing team. They made banners and even had the j.v. cheerleaders cheer them on. Read the full story here.

In the ESPN story, the writer says it was “like rivers running uphill and cats petting dogs.” Pastor Brad said it was like the lamb lying down with the lions and wolves, and children leading them. He said, “That football field was not the church, but the church was doing its thing there.” The peaceable kingdom is one of my favorite Biblical images. When Brad talked about that peaceable image in relation to the football field, my thought was, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could say that about the web: “The world wide web is not the church, but the church is doing its thing there.”

This network site is one example of that, don’t you think? What other ways do you find God’s work happening on the web? How are you using technology to further his Kingdom?

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