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Over the last year I have had the chance to share with you what's on my mind, write some useful how-to guides, and even almost go off on a couple of rants. I've enjoyed the chance to share these items, hear your feedback and try some of your suggestions myself!

It's been exciting to see (and play a small part in) how The Network has grown in use and scope. The Network has really changed because of your suggestions and ideas. I have appreciated that many of the items that I wrote about are modeled on The Network, like email lists, social media, good url's, appropriate use of photos and more. In fact I have heard there are some exciting things planned like the new... well I probably shouldn't tell you, but wait and see.

Media (newspaper, magazines, TV) has changed from a one-way street to a two-way dialogue over the last years. Now it's possible for people to be much more involved and have a voice. This is incredibly apparent in the way that social media has played a huge role in the protests in Egypt and Tunisia. I believe that social media is going to be increasingly important not only in mainstream culture, but also within churches. This is why I've written about it so much. More over, this is also why it is tightly integrated into the Network, and somewhat the reason that it exists (at least I like to think so)!

So, what happens next? I'm going to be handing the baton over to Mavis, who is by no means a stranger to the Network. She has written How to Start Using Google Apps and How to Use Facebook at Your Church and a two part series on Salesforce. In fact these were so valuable and useful that they are on the Top 10 list for most viewed (2nd) and highest rated, even betting out one of my articles! Her interests lay in these areas and has helped with her church's website and it's social media presence. But I might get to write an occasional post.

What motivates her to use technology and her view on it's use is best said by Mavis:
"I love figuring out ways to use technology for connecting people. To me, it's almost like "redeeming" technology. As with many things, technology can be used for good or bad, I love finding ways to do good with it."

Thanks for all your feedback, words of appreciation and listening. Now, next week make sure that you give Mavis a warm-welcome comment as she starts as the guide here on the Church & Web Network.



Yes, thanks David! You've made a big contribution not only to The Network but to the use of technology for church ministry!

Thank you, and we look forward to your continued participation as part of the The Network community.

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