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Can technology be a tool to increase your devotion to God? I thought about that as I began planning to start up our Bible study group again this Fall. It’s always a challenge to do “homework” when participating in a Bible study -- or at least I know that it is for me. For some reason it seems like I don’t find the time -- take the time, really -- to read the lessons before going to the meetings. Even when it’s only once a month and there’s no excuse, it still happens.

So, anyway, I’m the leader of this group; I have to prepare. As I was doing so, I started wondering how I could help the members (and myself) read some of the material between meetings. I thought of those systems where you can sign up for a Bible verse a day. I wondered if I could send out emails on a regular schedule to my group with short passages from the lessons. Maybe that would make it easier to get the reading done -- if it showed up in their inboxes and only required a couple minutes of time.

I think I’ll try it. Wonder if it’ll work.

What about you? Have you experienced an example of technology increasing your devotion? Have you come up with a system using technology to increase your own or others’ devotion?


My husband's Iphone is really handy for morning devotions. We use the Today App, which also includes a link to the Bible, so we're never hunting for the little book or the Bible--it's all right there on the phone! 

If you do start sending out emails, you can easily look up the Bible passage in and then send the link to your group. I hope you'll post again to let us know how it works.

I didn't know there was an app for the "Today" devotional. ("Today" is a daily devotional published by ReFrame, previously The Back to God Hour. Check out their home page for links to the app - and more information.) How cool is that?! There truly is an app for everything.

Good idea on linking to the Bible Gateway site. I use that site all the time. I'll try to remember to post again and let you know how things go with our Bible study groupo.

Thanks for sharing, Jolanda!

I'll second that!

I get the Today devotional in my inbox every day. It has absolutely made a difference in the consistency of my daily devotions. A book can be neglected on a busy morning, but with that quick devotional and a link to the bible passage right there on my i-phone, I actually do it every day!

It might not be the same for others who don't check their email every day (several times a day) but it certainly works for me.

Our church, Ivanrest CRC in Grandville, MI, did a "Wise Up" series on Proverbs in January.  Pastor Tony Meyer sent out a daily devotional each day via e-mail to those who signed up.  We were challenged as a church to read through Proverbs together and our weekly messages were based on a section of Proverbs.  Our family looked forward to the daily messages and used them for our dinner-time each day.  I also subscribe to The Today via e-mail and pass my Blackberry around to whichever family member volunteers to read devotions at dinner-time.

I just started using the YouVersion Bible App for my daily Bible Reading on my IPod.  I'm doing a Chronological read through the Bible.  I can set it up to send me e-mail reminders and encouragement but I haven't used that feature.  The app and the NIV, NLT Message were all free.  I really like the way it keeps track of my progress and keeps me faithful.

That's helpful, Kris, thanks. I hadn't been able to find an app that includes the NIV--I'll check it out.

It's a bit hard to find a search for "You Version" doesn't work.  If you just search for Bible and then look for the one that says by it you found it.  The NIV was free when I got it but I don't know if it was a limited time offer...

When you search, you will want to keep the words together. Youversion will get you there.

The NIV is free on YouVersion, as long as you are connected to the internet. You can only view it online. There are some translations you can download and use offline, but NIV is only available online.

Sometimes when I need a little break at work and other times at home I visit Sacred Space, a website run by the Jesuits of Ireland, which walks you through a brief devotion and provides internal links to help stimulate your thougts.

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