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At the end of each month, I hope to list some of the things in CRC life that cause people to ask me for advice. I do not list them all. That would bore you to tears. But these "some" are ones that you may have thought about as well.

Here's the September 2010 list:

  • Casting of Lots in Selecting to Office
  • CRC Rules on Ownership of Property
  • Communion for Bride and Groom Only?
  • What Qualifies as "Weighty Reasons" (Art. 17c) for Extending Eligibility for Call to Released Ministers

If you'd like to start a post on one of these topics, please feel free. I'll check in on any discussion.


Well, Gayla, one does have to make choices with regard to what's interesting to a more general public than just one individual, as you well know in your journalistic capacity.  And speaking of that, of course, there are some pieces of advice and consultation that need to remain strictly confidential or people wouldn't ask me any more.  I need to keep my office a "safe place" for people to speak freely.  Just so you readers understand I don't blab ......... (:-).

I'd like to hear your thoughts on communion at weddings--that's a question that seems to come up more and more.

Michael Bentley on October 7, 2010

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

I'm curious to know WHY that issue keeps coming up. It's not that the Reformed faith doesn't have an answer to the "why not?" in that circumstance. Are teachers not educating their people in a Biblical understanding of Communion today? If so, then do "Reformed" members not believe it, or are the answers we have not good enough? I'm not on a rant (which is what too many question marks look like online), but rather, I'm just wanting to ask questions to establish where the fences are. If we had no doctrinal answer for such things, then confusion would be inevitable. But, since we do have answers to these questions, why are our current answers not acceptable to "Reformed" believers in these situations? (Caution: Answers to these questions may be applicable to many areas of ministry)

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