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I recently discovered that the local Rotary Club in extremely influential in my community for networking and developing support for ministry and local projects.  I've also been encountered with the possibility of being welcomed in as a member since in many ways I'm the "CEO" type figure of a local non-profit organization, our fledgling church plant.

I know our stance regarding lodge membership, but I've never heard anything specifically about the Rotary.  If I were to be offered membership into the Rotary, would I be crossing a line that has been historically seen as off-limits or a violation of our stance against lodge membership?


I have some colleagues who are active Rotary members. I called your post to their attention, and I expect that they will respond to you at some point.

I don't get the sense, however, that there is any "lodge" aspect to this organization in terms of swearing allegiance to the organization, or "secret" membership requirements, which, as I understand it, is what the concern about lodge membership stems from. 

Then there's this: (look at the last Q&A)

Again, I don't think that the Rotary Club has any vows or beliefs that would be applicable to the spirit of the CRC's position...but again, I am neither a Rotarian nor a theologian, so hopefully someone who is one or both can enlighten us further...


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