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In his blog, "A Dozen Bad Ideas for the 21st Century", written almost 8 years ago, Dr. Mark Durie sketches out 12 ideas that make it nearly impossible to conduct a careful analysis of Islam. Durie is no stranger to the subject as he has worked among the Achense in Indonesia and has written several books, with the most popular one being Liberty to the Captives. In that text, he demonstrates that reciting the Islamic confession of faith engenders a type of spiritual bondage; something of which many Western mission societies have little appreciation. 

Attached below is Durie's blog.

Here are some questions to consider: 

  1. Durie states, "If you are deeply attached to any of these ideas or ways of thinking, you will have difficulty accepting the truth about Islam's teachings and their impact." Do you know anyone, or a group of people "deeply attached" to these ideas? What tells you that they are? 
  2. Durie suggests that one of these toxic ideas is "The belief that the West is always guilty." Is it possible that this idea has affected Reformed people? If so, where might it show up?
    1. Is he overstating the point when he suggests that "this irrational and unhelpful idea is taught in many schools today and has become embedded in the world views of many? It is essentially a silencing strategy, sabotaging critical thinking." Again, where might this show up in Reformed institutions (if it does)?


Quoting Mark Durie from your article, “reciting the Islamic confession of faith engenders a type of spiritual bondage; something of which many Western mission societies have little appreciation.”  But of course Christians know such spiritual bondage, as the New Testament makes many references calling for believers to be slaves of Christ.  So John, are you suggesting a commonality that Christians have with Muslims?

Thanks Roger:

      I am using "spiritual bondage" in a negative sense in the quote above. That is to say, Duries's book suggests a bondage of demonic origin. This has nothing to do with being bondslaves of the Lord Jesus Christ who simultaneously enjoy the "glorious liberty of the children of God."



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