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I had the chance to speak at our local Cadet camp last weekend and it was a beautiful time! God moved immensely! Maybe when I was speaking to the masses, but also through the individual conversations I was able to have with a couple of cadets. Throughout my time at camp God reminded me of this.

"Everyone wants a harvest but we will never have a harvest if we don't sow seeds." Evangelism is a hard thing. I've experienced that in youth ministry. We can't give up on sowing seeds if it's hot outside or we are sweating a lot! We can't give up on evangelizing because its hard or inconvenient. We must always ACT! Wherever we are or whatever we do, we must ALWAYS be moving.  

Just like a fisherman who can't catch fish because he is not casting a line, in the same way, no one will come to Jesus if believers aren't casting lines/ 

I pray for boldness and courageousness over all who read this! Never give up! God walks with you always!


I agree with your basic view on the matter. What might be some of the practical ways we could flesh this out?


We (my local church) as an "OutReach Committee" seek to engage with the local public in our rural setting by hosting a Thanksgiving Service, and a Christmas Service to invite the local community to at least get some contact with the Gospel. There is also a Trade Show that we set up a booth and had out tracts about Christianity. Each summer we host a "Yard Sale" where local people can rent a table and sell their stuff. We provide refreshment and some live music entertainment.

We "fished all night but caught nothing" is how some feel about our efforts. We wonder how other churches are doing in this kind of endeavour.

For me it appears to be mainly a "committee" project and the last couple of years has been difficult to get volunteers.


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