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In two separate blogs, Dr. Stan Wallace of Global Scholars (USA) navigates through the turbulent waters of Social Justice (intentionally capitalized) and social justice. 

He strongly acknowledges the need for biblical justice to address societal wrongs, but wisely disavows what might be construed as a new religion or worldview based on dividing the world between the oppressed and oppressors.

It is obvious that Dr. Wallace has engaged with a number of scholars, both Christian and secular, as well as some who had been deeply involved in Social Justice (capitalized) and had come to question some of its presuppositions. 

How Should Christians Understand Critical Theory? (Post 1)

How Should Christians Understand Critical Theory? (Post 2)



Thank you for writing this! It is so well said and needs to be heard! There TRULY is a difference between Social Justice and biblical justice....  We are told to "test the Spirits"... and we need to be on guard.  Critical Race is a philosophy (taught in all of our public universities) that opposes the Christian worldview and actually creates "disunity", and has contributed greatly to all the tension and polarizaion in our world right now.  My prayer is that the body of Christ will wake up to see this for what it is, and start educating one another to take a courageous stand as we seek to be His presence of both grace and truth in our culture.

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