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My inbox has been bombarded with many offers for bulk food. I’ve reviewed Butcher Box and Wild Pastures for meat, and Misfits Market for vegetables and fruit. My criteria were cost, choice, health values, and environmental impact. All three are subscription services and have similar pricing systems.  Both meat sources state that their products are grass fed and grass finished and/or pasture raised. These are positive practices for the environment in addressing the climate crisis. They both appear to be fairly expensive, though both claim that their meat is healthier and better tasting. Misfits Market’s primary focus is to reduce food waste by marketing products that would otherwise be discarded. 

Butcher Box  

  • Choose from

    • Custom box - beef, pork, chicken and salmon 

    • Beef and chicken

    • Beef and pork

    • All Beef

  • Two box sizes

    • Classic - 8 - 11 lbs - $129

    • Big Box- 16-22 lbs - $238

  • Three frequency options

    • Every 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks 

  • Add ons are possible 

  • No antibiotics or hormones                                             

  • Humanely raised

  • Free shipping, no annual subscription fee

  • All their meat comes from Australia 

Butcher Box is ranked # 1 in numerous reviews. However, there are many outlets for this type of product as well as reviews and comparisons.     


Wild Pastures

  • Annual membership charges 

    • Standard - $59

      • Shipping $7.99 per box 

      • Claim 25% - 40% saving for pasture-fed meat

    • Plus - $79

      • Claim 25% - 40% saving for pasture-fed meat

      • Free shipping

  • Choose from

    • Beef, chicken, pork

    • Beef and chicken

    • Beef and pork

    • Pork and chicken

    • Wide variety of cuts, some with upcharges

    • No fish 

  • Three box sizes

    • 10-11 lbs - $99

    • 20-21 lbs $178

    • 30-31 lbs $267

  • Two frequency options - monthly or every other month

I selected this company because it is local, started in Boulder. It isn’t ranked in online reviews, perhaps because it’s new and not nearly as well known. They claim to be distinctive in that all their meat is pasture raised. In their own words, “Our animals are 100% pasture-raised by family farmers right here in the USA using rotational grazing practices on pastures free from pesticides and herbicides.”

There are numerous other sources of meat, which vary in purchase options and whether the animals are grass fed or not. For example, Omaha Steaks is grain fed and finished beef. More resources that might be local to your area here.  


Misfits Market 

Misfits Market specializes in fruits and vegetables that could be misshaped and might look “ugly,” but are perfectly edible and healthy. In their own words “We source high-quality organic produce that has a few quirks—onions that are too small, potatoes that are shaped like your favorite celebrity, and carrots that fell in love and got twisted together.” Their goal is to address the problem of food waste. Wasted food is a major contributor to climate change. When food is grown and then discarded the inputs of water, fertilizer and fuel are wasted. When excess food is put in landfills the decomposition puts additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They also claim to sell their produce for up to 40% less than in grocery stores. 

Other important notes

  • Like the meat options above it’s a subscription service

  • Offer two sizes of boxes, with some options regarding the contents

  • Customers can choose weekly or every other week delivery

  • Delivered to homes for a flat $5.50 shipping fee

  • All organic

  • Eco Friendly packaging 

  • Support small scale organic farmers

Blog written by Barry Meyer.  To connect with him and other great regional organizers sign up to be a Climate Witness Project partner.

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