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Disability Advocacy: People who are involved in disability advocacy describe how and why they engage in advocacy with people who have disabilities and the challenges they face. 

Addressing Disability Stigma by Leading Personally
Gerri Yoshida and Mana Hashimoto have helped reduce shame and stigma around disabilities, in part through Hashimoto's work as a blind choreographer and dancer.

Isolation Often a Reality in Advocacy
After Miriam Spies began working with CRC Regional Disability Advocates, she started connecting the dots between self-advocacy and joining others on the journey.

Making a Place of Welcome for All
Cara Milne identifies four qualities of healthy disability advocacy: giving respect, using appropriate language, encouraging participation, and allowing room for people to be themselves. 

My Path to Disability Advocacy
As Sonrisa Cortes has grown in friendship with Amy, who has cerebral palsy, she has become passionate about advocacy by witnessing the contrast her friend's giftedness and other's pity.

The Art of Advocacy
Even more than experience, Breaking Barriers co-editor Terry DeYoung has found that awareness, humility, and courage drive robust disability advocacy.

Next Issues:

Spring 2019—Mental health and spiritual practice. How does living with a mental illness shape our faith and spiritual practice? As people who belong to Jesus Christ—body and soul, in life and in death—where do the rhythms of mental wellness, devotional life, and personal discipleship intersect? 

Summer 2019—Down Syndrome. Do you or a loved one have Down syndrome? Please send us a story (400 words)—whether a joy, a challenge, a loss, or a prejudice you've experienced—by April 8. 

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