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Grupos Pequeños Inclusivos

Inclusive Small Groups: In healthy small groups, people can share life, study the Bible, and discern God’s guidance in their lives. This issue describes how people with and without disabilities such as hearing loss, intellectual disability, dementia, and mental illnesses have been welcomed in small group ministry.

Still Involved—with a Dementia Diagnosis
Barbara Newman and Tory White describe a small group Bible study that engages church members with and without dementia. 

This Group Helped Me Rediscover Life
After feeling she had to quit living, Tammy Brink rediscovered life thanks especially to the WOW (Women of the Word) Bible study group that accepted, loved, and encouraged her.

A Group without All the Answers
Through a surprising difference from most small groups, Kyle and Jess Crist discovered a deeper level of sharing struggles, questions, and comfort than they had ever experienced before. 

Adding Life and Breadth to Sunday School
Irene Kraegel’s church engaged people who had previously been left out of their small group ministry through Together Small Groups curriculum. 

Editor’s Note: Enriched by Differences
Often church small groups require participants to have strong social and verbal skills, but delightful benefits come to groups when participants differ from each other in significant ways. 

Next issues:

Winter 2019—Disability advocacy. Are you serving formally or informally as a disability advocate in your church? Please tell us about it. What gives you joy? What have you found effective? Why did you get started with this work? Please send us a note (up to 400 words) by October 10. 

Spring 2019—Mental health and spiritual practice. How does living with a mental illness shape our faith and spiritual practice? As people who belong to Jesus Christ—body and soul, in life and in death—where do the rhythms of mental wellness, devotional life, and personal discipleship intersect? Please send us a note (not to exceed 400 words) about your experience by February 4.

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