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Look at her. Doesn't this little girl look peaceful? The sun is shining down on her, and I wouldn't be surprised if a butterfly or two came around. Her papa likely positioned her in that very spot for a purpose: to take her picture.

Judging by appearance, the little girl is content. She isn't fussing, anxious or scared. She's sitting there, in one spot until her papa scoops her up once again and places her somewhere else.

These days, I've been wondering where that little girl went. I can’t seem to find her and all her wisdom.

By now, you have likely gathered that the little girl in the picture is me, the author of this blog post, some 30 years ago. My mom and dad may or may not have known my official diagnosis at the time. However, they knew that I wasn’t reaching the physical milestones of a typical toddler.

My parents did eventually learn that I had a condition called cerebral palsy (CP). CP is caused by an injury to the brain before, during, or shortly after birth. Because the injury can occur in multiple areas of the brain, the effects of the injury are numerous.  No two individuals with CP are alike. One individual may have multiple physical disabilities with a highly functioning mind. Another individual may have no physical signs of CP.  Rather, he/she may have had damage to the cognitive area of the brain.

Unlike that little girl in the photo, I become restless and anxious all too often. I fuss at my heavenly Papa, even though I know the outcome; I cannot move without my Heavenly Father moving me.

It’s a daily feat to look past all the questions, fears, and disappointments that come with earthly life. Our Lord wants, rather, he commands us to trust in him, just like I trusted my earthly papa to scoop me up that day.

Sovereign Lord, you are God! Your covenant is trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to your servant. (2 Samuel 7:28 NIV)


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