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What is being done to address the issue of black mobs involved in the so-called knock-out game, which typically involved black youth attacking innocent whites or asians? Check out this article:

Where is the mainstream media outrage? Can you imagine the outrage if it was white mobs attacking blacks like this? Where is the Rev. Jackson etc.?




I'm afraid your comments may not be very helpful. Your language here seems to be more inflamatory than conciliatory. There is certainly no excuse for mobs of racially motivated people "knocking out" people of other races. However, neither is there any excuse for language which over generalizes, and makes even more racially polarizing remarks to boot.

If you truly want to address the issue and have something done about it, then maybe we should be asking questions like:

Why is this happening at all? If we were a truly non-racist society, wouldn't this kind of behaviour be utterly ludicrous? How can we "love our enemies" here, as Jesus asked us to do? How can we support the victims (those attacked) by these mobs? How can we seek to bring the true, reconciling justice of Christ to all parties concerned in such happenings?

Those are the kinds of questions we need to be asking. Not inflammatory questions regarding "where the media outrage is" or "imagin[ing] what it would be like if whites attacked blacks like this" None of those questions is helpful, I'm afraid, except insofar as they reflect your feelings of upset: feelings which are natural and understandable. It IS upsetting when ANY people attack ANY other people--especially when it's racially motivated. But let's seek to make it better, not worse.

I don't know what media you're referring to, but I have seen links to numerous articles (TV shows, newspaper clips) on facebook. The links my friends tend to post are about the attackers getting shot because the intended victim was concealed carrying. So the media I'm coming across IS outraged. 

I guess that's what it might take to stop this so-called 'game', if enough victims fight/shoot back.  Typically bullies are cowards only picking on those they believe can't fight back.  Apart from conceal carry I doubt very much that someone obviously 'packing heat' as they say, would be picked on.

I believe the question as formulated is highly provocative, insensitive, and (IMHO) inappropriate for just about any discussion forum. . . . especially one focussed specifically on racial reconciliation and anti-racism.  I hope--perhaps somewhat naively--that all who post questions or comments would give careful consideration and use the acronym "THiNK" before posting anything. Ask yourself, is it

1.) True

2.) Helpful 

3.) Necessary 

4.) Kind

Grace & Peace,


P.S. the grio just posted what I think is a more balanced report about the hysteria over the alleged incidents of "knockout" that have occurred.  You can read it by clcking on this link

Thanks for the link.  It is encouraging that requests for the leaders to speak out against this type of crime have indeed been heeded:

"On Saturday morning, the National Action Network’s Rev. Al Sharpton addressed the issue of this so called  ‘knockout game’ head on. In an address aired live on WLIB radio and streamed over the internet, the Reverend denounced ‘knockout’ as disturbing and despicable.

He said, “This type of behavior is deplorable and must be condemned by all of us.” The Reverend went on to say, “If someone talked about knocking out blacks, we would not be silent, if it is bigotry, violence or assault, we must denounce it.”

The Reverend called upon the black church, black newspapers and publications, community oriented radio broadcasts to start a campaign against ‘knockout.’  Sharpton is the host of “Politics Nation” on MSNBC. In a plea to black families he said, “Parents need to talk to their kids.”

Knowing the power of peer support and celebrity influence, Sharpton called upon the entertainment community to get involved by denouncing this behavior."

People shouldn't be afraid to walk about in their neighbourhoods.  Even in broad daylight people have been assaulted. 

Regarding parents talking to their children, the problem is that many are being brought up by unmarried mothers.  Especially boys need a father to teach them how to be a man, instead of a bully.

I appreciate you bringing this issue of racial bias to the forefront.  The mainstream media did not treat this the same as they would have if the roles were reversed.  Everyone is afraid to call it racism when black people do things to white people as if it's not possible for someone who is not white to be racist.  For us to work through real issues and resolve them properly we have to look at it honestly even when it's uncomfortable and goes against the social justice narrative that all minorities and mainly black communities are victims.  Don't let people shut down good honest discussion.

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