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Bulletin Insert/Flyer

The office of Safe Church Ministry has produced this bulletin insert/ flyer called: "Shhhh… we don’t want to talk about it; but maybe it’s time that we should" to assist churches in identifying that internet pornography is huge and growing fast. Its impact on individuals, marriages & families, even in Christian communities, must not be minimized. Our churches can become safe places of hope and healing, but only if we break the silence.

The bulletin insert may be ordered through Faith Alive by clicking here. 

Audio and Video Resources

Journey into the Heart of Man with Jay Stringer: Safe Church Ministry strongly recommends this ground breaking online course and book for both men and women that reveals a path to break addictions and cycles of unwanted sexual behaviors. We encourage pastors, leaders, and anyone who struggles with sexual addictions to pursue this opportunity of transformation. This course can be taken individually or in groups.

Jay Stringer is a CRC minister and licensed mental health therapist who has done years of research and uncovered the deep-rooted issues that lead to sexual brokenness. Journey into the Heart of Man is a one-of-a-kind 18-episode course that will help identify and transform the unique reasons that draw people to unwanted sexual behavior, be that the use of pornography, infidelity, or buying sex. This unique course is based on Jay's new book Unwanted and the film The Heart of Man.

Enroll in this course using the code "safechurch" to get $50 off. Note: there is also special pricing for groups. 

Please use this link when purchasing to support Safe Church Ministry. Safe Church receives a portion of the profits to help support our mission to equip congregations in abuse awareness, prevention, and response.

"Over 18 - A Documentary about Pornography": Over 18 is a clear-eyed examination of modern pornography and its effects on kids, teens, parents, and porn stars. In addition to interviews with porn producers, ex-porn stars, and academics, directors Jared and Michelle Brock highlight the story of Joseph, a 13-year-old boy who is recovering from a porn addiction that he fell into when he was nine years old. The film compares what porn used to be in the magazine era and what it’s become in the age of the internet, and demonstrates why kids, in particular, are susceptible to addiction. Consider hosting a screening in your church or community!

The Elephant in the Church: Pornography: A 36-minute sermon about pornography addiction by Pastor Rob Peterson of Thornapple Covenant Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Sexuality Series: Jeff Chu speaks at Calvin College about the dangerous effects of pornography and the organization he founded, Fight the New Drug.

Slow Killers: A 36-minute sermon about pornography addiction by Glenn Robinson, Pastor at North City Church, a non-denominational church in Sacramento, CA

Helpful Websites

Cordelia Anderson, Sensibilities Prevention Services, Inc. This website offers numerous resources as we fight an uphill battle to promote healthy sexuality in what Cordelia Anderson refers to as a "toxic and pornified" society.

Covenant Eyes: Accountability and filtering to help protect your family online. Learn how the Internet is used in your home and how to protect, yourself, your family and your organization. In addition to their protective software, this website features a blog, and helpful educational materials.

Fight the New Drug: This website explores how pornography affects the brain, our relationships, and our communities and invites us to take a stand against it.

Protect Young Eyes: Defending your kids from online dangers.

XXX Church: This website is filled with resources to help those struggling with addiction to pornography and those who want to support them in the process.

Book & Sample Small Group Discussion Guide

Just One Click: Christians, Porn, and the Lure of Cybersex (2010 by Robert J. Baird and Ronald L. VanderBeck) Available for purchase from Faith Alive here. This book is filled with real life stories and examples. The authors, who are Christian psychologists, alert readers to the risks and consequences of cybersex, provide guidance from Scripture, and suggest strategies to overcome the problem. This sample chapter (PDF), with discussion questions, is a good place to begin to have a meaningful discussion about internet pornography.


Talking About Pornography as People of Faith. This article, by Dove's Nest, discusses the need to go deeper in our conversations about pornography and also gives some tips and links to other resources. 

How Many Porn Addicts are in Your Church? This article from, an organization dedicated to building up the church, discusses how extensive the problem of Internet porn might be in Christian communities

Internet Pornography and Shaping Youth Culture: This blog post from from Linda Crockett, the Director of Education and Consultation for Samaritan Counseling Center in Lancaster, PA discusses the way pornography is shaping our culture as a theological problem.

Internet Porn Stats: Should Parents Be Concerned? Do you know what your children are seeing on the internet? How vigilant should a parent be? This article may open your eyes to the risks faced by children on the internet.

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