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Prayer is essential to what’s happening at synod. The work that every delegate and synodical office staffer does is not their own. It is the Lord’s. 

Some years ago I read a little book by Brother Lawrence that changed my prayer life. The book is called The Practice of the Presence of God.  

The awareness that God is always with me helped prayer become my breath of life. Yes, there are times for formal prayer. But at the heart is the idea that we are always in God’s presence. 

Last year I felt called to go to synod. I’ll begin with my understanding of prayer, because  I see my whole experience through the Spirit’s presence in prayer. From the time that I raised my hand at the Classis Central California meeting until I flew home from Synod 2022, I prayed. 

I prayed as I received word that I would be on the finance committee, a total mismatch for me. I prayed the pre-synod daily prayers and at prayer gatherings. I prayed about letting my name be put up for the second recorder position. After all, I was a novice without any experience from the frontier of California. What was I doing there? I saw everything through the knowledge that I was walking in God’s will. 

As the officers gathered and decisions were made, it became my role to say, “Should we pray about that?” There is never a time that stopping to pray can damage a conversation. It brings us back to who we serve, whose church it is, and what our call is. His love for us endures forever. We are emotional people who love the Lord. Sometimes we need the Lord to reign in our passion. 

As you participate in Synod 2023, let the Spirit lead. Stop and pray, and call others to stop and pray. When anxiety or tension cloud decision-making, seek the Lord. Synod belongs to the Lord. Look for Him and live in His presence. 

One note: Prayer includes scripture. Call to mind God’s word as you pray. It will direct your prayers.


Thank you, Luann. This is right on!  In this same thought, we are looking for intercessors during Synod 2023 - anyone can sign up for 30 minute slots to pray from wherever they are. We (the CRC Prayer Team) invite you to participate. (sign up here:

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