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Can we have the church treasurer write checks on the deacons behalf? Currently the treasurer transfers from the general church fund into the deacons for each of the special causes we collect for anyways. Our idea is that we only receive the funds specific to the deacons. 

Not sure if the above makes sense but that is what we came up with at the deacons meeting last night. Currently we use an old ledger book and we are thinking this may streamline things a little.



There are two things to consider from my perspective. The first is making sure there is a credible audit trail that ensures that in fact funds are being appropriately approved and recorded. The second is the issue of confidentiality. If the treasurer is not a deacon has the treasurer affirmed in writing that he will keep confidential the names of people being helped where that has been promised.

Andrew Ryskamp

CRCNA Diaconal Ministry Initiative

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