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As the librarian for the Leadership Development section of the Network, I have committed to gathering and posting resources that will equip and encourage us in the task of developing leaders. Sounds straightforward enough, right? Well, I have recently been reminded how rarely anything is as simple as it is seems on the surface.

As is true for each of us, I have a certain perspective and set of opinions about leadership development that naturally draws me to resources with a similar bent. I don't think I had stopped to acknowledge that, or to consider the impact that bias might have on my work here.  A recent, brief exchange with a pastor in a workshop context brought me face-to-face with the reality that my view on leadership development was not necessarily the same as everyone else's. Surprise, surprise!  

So, I would like to open the proverbial 'floor' to have some friendly dialog about leadership development in the context of church. Here are a list of questions to get the juices flowing:

1. For what purpose is the church developing leaders? 

2. What measuring sticks should we be using to determine if it is being done well?

3. What difference should being Christ-followers make to how we develop leaders?

The answers to foundational questions like these will greatly shape the resources that you seek out as you build an infrastructure for leadership development in your church context. The Network and I want to help connect you with the resources you need. For sure. But perhaps more influential for the kingdom will be the thinking and connecting that we do with each other along the way. 

I'll share my answers, if you share yours. Let the dialog begin!  

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