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There are many within the church who are called to discipleship. Discipleship can take many forms including the teaching of those who are coming into the faith, helping someone through the process towards the profession of faith, and becoming more like Christ to encourage others in their spiritual journeys. Timothy Leadership Training Institute offers the following resources to train individuals in the subject of discipleship:

1. Transformed!

As members learn more about Christ, many areas of life are transformed. This resource covers attitudes and actions that become transformed when one decides to follow Jesus. This study gets to the heart of key themes to take on a journey of faith.

2. Discovering the Bible

Just as its title suggests, Learning to Read the Bible takes individuals from Genesis to Revelations training them in identifying and acting on principles found in scripture. To conclude each lesson, participants are asked to create action plans and share them within a group setting.

3.  I Belong to God

Used most often as a catechism and for those considering professional of faith, I Belong to God includes 6 different books to introduce the concepts of Christianity. Titles include What God Expects of Me, The Old Testament, The New Testament, I Believe, I Want to live for God, and I Pray to God.

4. Choosing Good Leaders

When positions open up in the church, how do members choose the right candidates? Choosing Good Leaders offers a guide as well as practices used by churches to secure effective leaders for their ministries and churches with scripture as a base.

Many of these studies are available in English as well as other languages such as French and Spanish. These books, available for traditional bible study, catechism, and church clergy training, are easily accessible online (see the "Training Programs" page below on the TLTI website). 

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