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Timothy Leadership Training Institute's vision is to see that churches around the world are able to flourish and transform their communities under the guidance of trained leaders.  In order to accomplish this mission, Timothy Leadership Training Institute offers its Core Leadership Training Program to pastors, lay leaders, ministry coordinators, and others looking for educational resources in their field. Certified trainers are located in various cities throughout the continents and are able to facilitate trainings at different locations. Contact TLTI to get more information about the outcomes of trained leadership, testimonies, and stories. TLT materials and  modules are easily accessible. The program consists of seven modules, or manuals, with lesson based studies and action plans:

Caring for God’s People

This manual is dedicated to the responding to God’s call to care for others. Lessons include visitation, interactions with others on faith related issues, and providing comfort to those in need. Click to download a sample of this manual below.

Christian Stewardship

Discover ways to use the gifts God has entrusted to you through the Christian Stewardship module. Leaders familiarize themselves with the 7 T’s of responsible Christian living, identify the characteristics of generous giving, and how to be a steward of the material things entrusted to them.

From Harm to Harmony, Overcoming Violence in the Family

Individual family members’ destructive behaviors can negatively impact the spiritual health of the family at large. This series of lessons helps participants identify these issues and encourage reconciliation within family, church, and community units.

Biblical Preaching

This module, especially geared towards pastors, offers strategies in developing effective sermons. By the end of this series, participants are better able to engage their audiences, use and interpret scripture, and more. In addition, this manual guides participants in becoming their own Timothy Leadership Training facilitator to pass these lessons, as well as the lessons from the three previous lessons to others within their setting.

Teaching the Christian Faith

Education within the church can be a challenge. This series assists individuals in teaching ministries to relate lessons to members on an interactive level. Lessons include using activities, creating lesson plans, and how to overcome obstacles.

Praising God in Work and Worship

Contextualizing the question, “how can we praise God on a daily basis?” this text helps outline effective methods of worshipping within the church. Not only do the themes apply to life within the church, but also to individuals as well. Participants also continue to learn how to facilitate their own training sessions for the education of other leaders.

Sustainable Development

The final module explores themes related to biblical perspectives of development (via scriptural references), ways to encourage and identify opportunities of development within the church and community, and finally how to take action and successfully commit to sustainability within those settings.

Growth is taking place in many areas around the globe. Visit for more about the cities trainings take place, or on securing program materials online, and the other resources Timothy Leadership Training Institute offers.

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