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Approximately 4 million students have attended religious schools in the U.S alone. That number does not account for any growth over the past few years or the status of Christian schools nationwide. Many of these schools are funded by churches and other Christian organizations, lacking training resources for their teachers and staff. Educational Care is a learning program offering training for school officials who have access to limited resources. Training modules offered by Educational Care equip them with skills and strategies in the classroom. Educators learn how to incorporate a Christian perspective into their classrooms as well as how to develop their student gifts and become leaders within their setting.

Participants discuss and learn with one another through activities and lessons. They are given tools on how to bring faith into the classroom. Through the program, they create measurable goals to be implemented in their curriculum. The following modules encourage them in realizing the importance of Christian schooling in their wider communities:

Biblical Worldview                 

Educators identify and discover a how Christianity comes into a classroom setting.

How Students Learn          

Every student is beautifully and wonderfully made by their Creator. This module answers an educator’s question of “How can we incorporate different learning styles and intelligences into our teaching?”

Developing Student Gifts     

Not only will educators learn to identify students’ gifts, but also learn how to encourage those gifts.

Preventative &  Corrective Discipline                    

Ever wonder how to discipline Children in a constructive way? This module includes practices used by educators that are biblically based.

Leadership in a School          

This module answers the question, “How does everyone contribute to the leadership of a school?”

The Purpose & Value of Your School                     

Ending the series, this module directs educators and administrators to identify the hope and vision of their efforts.

To learn more about each module and the availability of training please visit or email questions to [email protected].

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