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Hey, I'm an MC (Ministry Coordinator) and I'm wondering if there is anybody else out there who is the same? Might be nice to connect. Ed Witvoet


Don't know if this is helpful, Ed, but Living Hope CRC in Peterborough, ON has a Ministry can look up contact info, I think--you should be good at that! ;-)

Also, our church (Zion CRC, Oshawa, ON) is seriously considering hiring a ministry coordinator. I don't know if you'd be comfortable with this, but would there be any way I could get a hold of your job description--might help us in coming up with ours...

Thanks Ed. Blessings,

Dan. (Pastor @ Zion)

I'm one at Willowdale CRC in Toronto. Same title probably does not mean the same job description, but it could still be good to connect.


I'm Ministries Coordinator in Brockville and I think it would be great to connect, to share and support one another!

Hi, I'm MC at First CRC in Edmonton. I agree, same title doesn't mean same job description however it would still be great to connect. One of my roles is to connect and integrate the ministries of the church. This is a challenge because this is a new concept for people and requires a change in thinking. Our present governance structure is also not effective in bringing together ministries so I'm working with council to make some changes. How about the rest of you? What are the rewards and challenges of your work?

Greetings, I am Director of Ministries, and decided that it was time to get involved with this blog so I could connect with others on ideas. Glad to hear there are others out there. Have a good day. Carole Pettijohn

Good morning all ... this is my 4th day as a Ministry Coordinator in Immanuel CRC in Brampton. I will so be using this site for help and suggestions. This is a new position here and the learning curve will be great for everyone.
My hope too is that at the Day of Encouragement (the fall) they will include workshops for us as the number of m.c.'s is growing.
Grace and Peace to all of you in your work!!
Linda Dykstra

I am the Director of Equipping Ministries at Rosewood Church, in Bellflower, CA. I don't know if that is similar or different to a MC. But, it is a great job!

I'm the Ministry Coordinator at Crossroads CRC in San Marcos, CA as of 9/1/10. Would love to connect with some of you and  am happy to be a resource as I learn more myself.

Hi All,

We are hopefully getting a Ministry Coordinator soon at our church.

I would be interested in reading about your job descriptions if you already are a M.C.

How long have you been a M.C. and what has your experience been being a M.C.?



I'm happy to share my job description if that's helpful to anyone, although it would be easiest to send it by e-mail attachment. Henk, I already sent you a note with my email address, but anyone else can contact me through a private message with their email address if they'd like it.

I've only been a Ministry Coordinator for 6 months and it's not only a new job for me, but for the church as well. I think the details of the work is going to vary a lot depending on the culture and mission of any particular church. Also, my impression is that the job can change over time. In other words, even if the "big picture" goals are the same, the way in which those are reached will change. 

Good morning Henk ... my name is Linda Dykstra and I am the ministries coordinator at Immanuel CRC in Caledon/Brampton. In April, I will be in this full time position for 1 year. Immanuel is a large city church with a myriad of ministries and groups. Along with my self ... there is also a worship director and office administrator. 

A ministry coordinator has their plate full and has their pulse on all that is happening in the church family. Even though I had been living in Brampton, I was attending church elsewhere. It did mean that I knew the city and some of the congregational members. But my home church was quite a bit smaller than Immanuel. So there was a bit of culture shock initially and it was quite a large learning curve - at times overwhelming. Erick Schuringa is the pastor and we work extremely well together. Our skills and passions were quite complimentary. My strengths tend to be his weak points and vice-versa. 

My job description was 3 pages in length which is enough to scare anyone off. But the HR folks admitted that they wanted to try and cover everything rather than leave something out. It is very comprehensive. I think that a ministry coordinator helps the ministries move along the same path. An example would be the upcoming weeks of Lent where the entire church will focus on prayer. Part of my responsibility is to ensure that all the different ministries have the tools and information that they may need. Each ministry will decide what activity they will do but I offer some suggestions and all will be focussed on prayer.

This is awesome in its' self to have everyone on the same page ... from our nursery right up to our seniors. There is great power in that!!

I love my work and my mind,heart and soul have been stretched ... the learning and growing never stops. Because the events surrounding my interview and hiring , I know that this is where God has called me to serve despite the 3 page job description :).

I hope this has been helpful for you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.


Blessings to you as you search for the right match.

~Grace and Peace ~

Linda Dykstra

[email protected]




I like to thank those who responded to my post.

It has been very helpful. I did receive some detailed job descriptions and hope to use the information received in finding the Ministry Coordinator God has intended for us.


Henk tenOever

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