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We hear a lot about wicked and dangerous stuff on the internet. But God is the Lord of all technology, including the internet, which can be used for much good. I'm going to invite you to check a four-minute video below of an enthusiastic eleven-year old boy powerfully declaiming in a service at Salem Lutheran Church, Tomball, Texas. (If the introductory frame actually introduces the speaker, he is Jack Stockton.) Here young Jack he names all 66 Bible books, mentioning briefly how each book reveals Jesus. Most of the text comes from the song “He Is” by Aaron Jeoffrey.

This presentation gives a thumbnail sketch illustrating a remarkably Reformed perspective of Scripture, reminding us that ALL of Scripture reveals Jesus—Old and New Testaments!

By the way, in our church this Epiphany we have been seeing how the stories of some of Jesus’ ancestors from Matthew 1:1-17 reveal Jesus in some way, however dimly. Sometimes the way those people and books of the Bible reveal Jesus is difficult to see. That doesn’t, however, detract from the usefulness and truth of the doctrine.

Link to Jack Stockton's video appears at the bottom of this post.  

Now a couple of comments to chew on: This video is worthy of reflection for preaching and teaching. Stockton and Jeoffrey are really concise with their information and connections to Jesus. Some of the themes and attributes they connect to Jesus in a given book seem a little forced, but they are not simplistic. Thus, the effort to look at Scripture christo-centrically remains a worthy exercise and teaching tool. They might suggest to us preachers, musicians and worship planners challenging ways to present and preach Christ!

One thing I will comment critically (not judgmentally--just theologically): This presentation might be interpreted a "christo-monistic." That is, it seems to lift Jesus above the Father and the Holy Spirit. As one pastor friend once said in a related context: “We believe in GOD (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), not ONLY Jesus.”

Regardless, this video and song are not at all bad things, but mighty good things.

One of my congregation members wrote in response to my comments about that possible flaw of christo-monism: “Jesus is God and the only way to the Father through the work of the Spirit. This video spoke to me as encouragement to hear the young man’s passionate way of highlighting just that one thought: Jesus in the Bible. I was blessed and I thought you might also.

“On the other hand this slant of seeing Jesus in the Word and in His World does speak speak against those who feel their good deeds, or beautiful ‘sayings/mantras or poetry, or their ego-centric philosophy.  By that I mean such things as “I can save myself”; 'I feel good, so it must be right'; and 'If God is a loving God, he wouldn’t NOT save everyone.' It is all around us. It's a symptom of the way it is for many and also prevails in some many churches--probably in our own church also, maybe in each of us . . .'”

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One of our Sunday school classes this year had the objective for every child (age 9-11) to learn the books of the Bible by heart.   I think it is a good tool for them in their confidence about the Bible as a whole. 

Hi, i need the script of this video 

is there any one to help me?

many thanks


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