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Let’s Get Ready to Roll, Turtle Islanders!

Who’s up for an epic Ride, from late June to mid-July, 2013?

The Canadian Ministries office of the CRC (meaning: me and some of my colleagues and friends) has pulled together a group that is working on a cross-Canada motorcycle ride in celebration of the great work the CRC does in Aboriginal ministry and with the hope of building new and vibrant connections with First Nation communities throughout Canada.

The eclectic group members have this in common: we are glad to be Christian Reformed, we really like our motorcycles, and we believe that we can move ahead in the ministry of reconciliation and renewal. We are excited about the work the CRC does in Aboriginal ministry (see, and we are convinced that there is much more that can be accomplished. The Ride, we believe, will move us further down the road.

The working title for this event is “The Turtle Island Ride” (many First Nations peoples’ name for North America is Turtle Island). Along the way we Turtle Island Riders will have splendid times of worship with Christian Reformed Churches. We will drop in at ministries of (or involving) CRC folks in Aboriginal contexts – including the Urban Aboriginal Ministry centres in Winnipeg, Regina and Edmonton. We will visit First Nations communities, where we will respectfully hear the stories of the people and, through the listening, come to a better understanding of their culture and a clearer awareness of their circumstances. Maybe some walls will come down, some respect will grow, and some long term relationships and connections will begin.

If you can see yourself being one of the Turtle Island Riders, please let me know – we don’t want to put time and effort into something that isn’t going to roll! (I’m not asking for a firm commitment, just an indication of interest).

If you have suggestions or thoughts about the Turtle Island Ride, please share them with me here in the comments or by email – your input will make the Ride even better!

If you’d like to join the planning group, let me know that too – many hands make light work, and you’ll be connecting with some really interesting people!

I truly expect that the CRC Canadian Ministries’ Turtle Island Ride will be an exciting and memorable event for all who ride, for the churches and ministries we connect with, and for the First Nations people and communities we get to know.

Mark your calendars for the summer of 2013! And may all your rides be joyful and safe.

Is this the kind of ride you’d like to do?

And what other ways can the CRC in Canada expand its ministries with Aboriginal people? 


Bruce, Are there any further developments in the planning of the Turtle island Ride. Have the dates been set? is there a beginning and ending location identified yet? Still hoping to make this part of my sabbatical next summer and may have another rider from our church interested as well.  John Terpstra

I just checked the Sea-To-Sea website and it's running Late June through Late August. Turtle Island motorcycle ride is running Late June to Mid July.

Chris Knowles

Are people planning any fund-raising for the ride? It'll cost somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000 for food, fuel and accomodation.

$4,000 sounds like a lot more than I am budgeting for. My preference is to do as much camping as possible, in my tent or in a school, church or someones back yard. Maybe as this develops we will get a better sense of how much to budget.

Looks like about 27 days for the round trip (20 days out and about 7 back). 27 hotel stays, 27 days of meals, around 10,000 kms - Calculate your bikes mileage for fuel, my bike will require an oil change at half distance. It adds up to more than I can afford.

Okay, I tried to email Bruce but he is no longer at CRCNA.  Is he still in charge of this thing? If not who is?

This ride is no longer sponsored by the CRC. Still there's a good idea there. Maybe some other organization will pick it up?

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