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Hello everyone, my name is Greg Moffatt, and I am preparing to be a second career minister, (ministry associate).

I am completing my last class at Ambrose University College, (in Calgary, Alberta) and I am considering a ministry career (ministry associate) with the CRC. I spoke with a friend, and mentor of mine, (Geoff Vandermolen) about the ordination interview, (though my understanding is it comes at the end of the call process) and he suggested that I look into the Leadership Development Network and discover what material they are currently using, (for preparation material).

After surfing a good amount of the CRC web page, (and it is massive) I have not found any information pointing towards what material I can obtain. 

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide.

Greg Moffatt

[email protected]


The western LDN site is "under construction" and the other sites do not seem to list any course material (literature). I may not be looking the right places though.


Tim Postuma on January 27, 2011

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Yes, Steve is correct about connecting with David Koll regarding candidacy.

Note that David also hosts the Ministry Associates discussion forum here on The Network where you can connect with others, read previous questions/conversations, and quiz David on all things related to becoming a ministry associate!

Steve Nyenhuis on January 28, 2011

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Ken, thanks for the encouragement and reminder. Like Greg, I am also preparing to be a ministry associate. I have no doubt about being called by God, but there are times when I don't "feel" the same exciting feelings and I wonder, "Am I doing the right thing?" I'm sure as David was trying to hide from Saul, he was going through times of doubt and maybe thinking, "It would be a lot easier if I was back taking care of my sheep."  So, yes, I do keep listening for that quiet voice speaking to my heart.    Steve


I've sat through and been a part of a number of ministry associate candidacy exams and found them to be nearly as difficult as as MDiv candidacy exam.  Generally if you're solid on personal spiritual practice, Reformed Theology, the key parts of scripture and some wise practical knowledge and understanding of ministry and the denominational stances on issues, you'll be all set.

All the best.

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