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Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. Acts 2:43

I read this Bible passage describing the early Church and I wonder, what would it be like to be filled with awe? Through the years, I have met people who have been more filled with bitterness or fear or discouragement than awe.

Acts 2:43 is part of an overall description of a church that is unified in mission, focused on service and bound together by love of God and love of one another.

As I reflected upon this passage, I recalled two recent “awe-giving” moments that I had the privilege of witnessing.

The first moment was hearing the stories of three persons who made their Professions of Faith at the local church that Jackie and I attend. One of the three had been attending the church for ten years, but only recently felt that the hurts of a past church were healed sufficiently to again trust and “join” a church family. The second was a young man who had recently been released from jail. The third was a person who shared the experience of thirteen straight days of sobriety. All three expressed their faith in Jesus Christ and a desire to follow Him within their new church family. Their vulnerability and the authenticity of their testimony led to a God-glorifying moment.

If the church roof had been open, I think we would have seen the angels in awe at this moment.

A few days later, I was privileged to welcome new students who are starting their degree programs at Calvin Theological Seminary in the spring semester. We are blessed with seventeen new students from five different countries. As I stood before them, I was in awe.

Each one of them is hearing the call of God to attend seminary; each one of them has stepped out in faith—maybe even leaving home in a country far away—to be at Calvin Seminary. This inspires me and fills me with awe. These new students are just beginning the seminary chapter of an adventure-filled journey with God. And their journeys now join the journeys of other Calvin seminarians who are also following their call by gaining more education and training.

I am challenged by Acts 2:43 but am also encouraged that God is still orchestrating awe-filled moments if we only pay attention with open eyes, open ears, and especially an open heart. This is how we lean into our God, who wants us to witness His wonders.

When was your last “awe-filled” God moment? Tell someone and encourage them as well!


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