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When a pastor leaves a church, it’s often recommended that the church take a break before issuing another call. During that time, churches may rely on guest preachers, retired ministers, or interim pastors specially-trained for these transitions.

So we thought ... why not do the same on this Pastors network?

Our current guide, Jim Dekker, will soon be finishing his term (and beginning his sabbatical). And so we’d like to invite you, who are pastors in the Christian Reformed Church, to be guest bloggers. After all, this is your network.

What would you like to share with all your ministry colleagues? What topic or issue is on your heart? What practical tip have you discovered that might help other pastors? What book, video or training would you suggest to every other pastor? What happened last week or last month that got you thinking about ministry in a new way? Now’s your chance to share!

Submit your idea for a blog post using our “Blog Ideas” form. You don’t need to have it all written ... just give us a bit of information about your idea. If yours is selected from all the submissions, we’ll let you know so you can write up the full post.

We’re not looking for dissertations or long essays that cover every angle of an issue. Sometimes a good blog post isn’t even a fully-formed idea. Rather, it’s a conversation-starter that gets us all thinking and sharing with each other through the comments. So don’t think you need to have all the answers — blogging is often about asking good questions.

So if you’re a CRC minister, seminary student, retired pastor, or ministry associate we invite you to take a moment now to pitch an idea.

How long will we do this? A lot of it depends on you! If we get plenty of ideas submitted, we’ll line up weekly guest bloggers for months. If nobody submit ideas, we’ll toss the whole thing out. So don’t delay ... give us your idea for a guest blog right now.

Who knows? We may see your guest blog right here before long! 


I'm not a pastor but I have a poetry blog and sometimes write about scriptural stories/characters.  Check it out at:

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