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Praise the Lord!

We had about 3000 attendees of college and young adults and even few high school students and elderly. We had over 500 people volunteer leaders and servants. What a blessed conference. God is always good.

Amazingly enough, this conference was put together in a matter of about 3-4 months. Something that only Koreans will do. However, such stepping out in faith is what God honors.

When altar call was made to commit to mission (abroad and domestic) about 2/3 stood and came up to the front. What a blessing to see young people committing to the Lord with their lives. Even the tough ones were in tears and broken by the Spirit. This was indeed a historical moment in their lives for many.

Another history was made when it rained for almost a whole week in S. California and flooded the rivers (creeks) and roads. It felt like the rain of during the times of Noah. (Small difference was that we can go out without being drowned but for Californians, they have never seen so much rain. It kept everyone inside "in the Spirit" and Spirit did work — boy, did He work).

Thanks to many who made this conference possible with prayers and support — including our CRWM and Leadership Exchange as well as the Korean Ministry Team and West Coast Church Resourcing.

God is good! ... All the time!


할렐루야! 주님께 영광을 올립니다.

지난 주 (12/20-23) 에 San Diego에서 열린 Vision Conference에 하나님께서 크게 역사 하셨습니다. 약 3000 명의 젊은이들이 모여서 주님 앞에서 찬양과 기도하며 회개하며 헌신하였습니다. 약 2/3 명이 헌신 (재헌신) 하며 선교에 몸을 바쳤습니다. 참 좋으신 하나님이십니다.

기적적인 것은 잛은 시간에 이 컨프랜스가 준비되었다는 것입니다. 그래도 신실하신 하나님께 감사드립니다. 언제나 믿음으로 나설때 능력으로 은혜를 베프시는 하나님이십니다.

성령님의 역사도 있었고, 비가 또 역사적으로 약 7일동안 내려 길들이 막히고 차들이 흘러내릴정도 였습니다. 남가주에서는 기적입니다. 노아의 홍수를 생각하며 은혜를 받는 이들을 보며 감사했습니다.

우리 교단의 CRWM과 Leadership Exchange와 Korean Ministry Team과 West Coast Church Resourcing께 감사드립니다. 모든 분들의 기도의 후원으로 또 주님의 역사가 이루어졌습니다.

감사합니다. 주님께... 그리고 여려분들께!



Ronald Chu on December 27, 2010

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Thanks, Ken. Your kind words are encouraging.

It would be great to overcome all barriers and just worship together. One of these days, before we get to heaven, we can work to make it a reality.

Thanks... in Christ,



'10 Gkym Mission Conference is amazing event for Korean-American yousters.

Our 9 youngsters got strong challenge for their future lives.

We had a great time of their sharing from attending, they restored, challenged and decided their lives to the llOrd, and we all cried and thanked to God when we heard their testimonies, and also we pray for all participant's lives as well as the leaders of Gkym.

Praise the Lord's workings!

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