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It was close to three years ago now that I had opportunity to attend the Canadian National Gathering in Waterloo, Ontario. 

When the event began I wondered what I was doing there and what was the weekend going to be about. I was in for a surprise and a blessing. With a weekend of praise and worship, speakers, breakout sessions, and a missions fair, there was something each moment of the day!

I loved the praise and worship and appreciated the different speakers. Breakout sessions were a great time of brain storming and sharing ideas. What surprised me most was the number of different resources available to congregations. 

But there was something more. There was the realization of “family” across the country. As I gathered with 120 people from across Canada, we all had a bond. We were all Christian Reformed and of the same basic thoughts. Oh, that didn't mean that we all think the same on all issues, but it did mean we had the same love for the Lord. We all had the heart of furthering the Kingdom of the Lord.

Whether we sat together for meals, socialized during coffee breaks, or just walked together down the hallways, we always had things to share and talk about. There was something very special about that feeling. It was like meeting up with unknown family.  

Now, being on the planning committee for the Canadian National Gathering in Edmonton next May, I again look forward to again meeting up with "family.’’


Linda, I want you to know how much I appreciate your thoughts about the Canadian national gatherings. Although I didn't attend, I can imagine the excitement of having 120 "family" members from across Canada together to express their love for the Lord and each other. May each person be blessed beyond anyone's imagination at the upcoming Canadian National Gathering. May we experience more gatherings with that same sense of "family" throughout the Christian Reformed church.  Thank you.

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