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“God is amazing! That’s his word. So let’s amaze children with this God!”

Living Springs Church in Glenwood, IL, has had a Coffee Break for decades and, like many long-term Coffee Breaks, they have experienced the ups and downs that sustaining Coffee Break can bring. Director Connie Bultema is amazed at how God has grown their Coffee Break to the largest group since 1974. She is thankful that a couple of new young moms are now attending because they have an amazing place to bring their children.  

It was with a spirit of amazement that Kolandra Carpenter agreed to develop a program for moms and children in her community. When someone noticed Kolandra’s giftedness in teaching kids, she didn’t quite believe it. She saw herself as a teen person. She wanted the program designed to give moms a break and give their kids quality time learning about God. She was amazed when she realized that when we open ourselves up to someone’s call, God stretches us and uses it. It can also be fun.

The program is now named AMAZE. Once a week, for a couple of hours, children hear a story from the Bible and do all sorts of activities to reinforce its main teaching about God; songs, instruments, interactive games, prayer, and snacks. It runs alongside Coffee Break but any child is welcome to come.

The biggest lesson Kolandra has been learning so far is not to limit the response of others when asked to volunteer in a program. While she expected it to be hard to find others to help, two people readily agreed and have been helping every week. What they have formed together goes beyond a team. It is a sisterhood. It is a family. Together they are blessed and shape one another’s lives.

God is amazing and does amazing things when we follow his lead into trying new things.

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