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I was recently approached by our volunteer catechism teacher after his first year and he was wondering if he could switch from the Faith Alive "HC and Me" material to a book that he had found. It is called "The Heidelberg Catechism: A Study Guide" by G.I. Williamson.

It seems to me that the book is quite above and beyond a grade 7/8 level (from what I've gleaned of skimming through it). Any experience out there with this particular book? It may serve as a great background resource for the teacher, but not as a primary teaching tool for that age group.  

Any suggestions for alternative teaching resources if HC and Me doesn't seem to be a good fit?


HI Steve, 

Yeah, unfortunately most of what Faith Alive has available is a little dated at this point. I used the HC and Me materials earlier this year with 9th graders and if you can get over some of the dated references, it's still a great tool for discussion... but I can see the need to check out other things. There's always another Faith Alive publication, Questions Worth Asking that might fit, but again that's also going to be in need of an update and aimed more at 9th/10th graders. 

There's a few CRC youth ministry groups on Facebook that are good places for these questions too... if you email me at [email protected] I can try to get you hooked into those conversations as well. 




This is not a CRC resource, but it seems to be decent. It is called Re:form by Sparkhouse. It has three different studies foundational theology, youth bible study, and traditions. The traditions does have one that is geared towards the Reformed faith. It is a little bit corny at times, but kids seem to enjoy it. Here is the link

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