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When Jeanne Hagenberg of Calvary Reformed Church in Orland Park, IL, agreed to be the director of Coffee Break, she knew it would be a shorter term commitment. As a result, she made leadership development a top priority. If Coffee Break is to remain the vibrant program that it is, new leaders need to continually be identified and developed. A director needs to be developed to take over Jeanne’s role in just a few years.

What does Jeanne look for in potential group leaders?

  • A wholehearted love of Jesus
  • A love for Coffee Break
  • A love for the Word and the Discover your Bible method
  • A non-judgmental, warm spirit
  • Broken and vulnerable people who are willing to share about God’s work in their lives
  • Being able to recognize God’s strength in our weakness
  • Realizing that we all need help

When it comes to identifying the next Coffee Break director, Jeanne adds these qualities to the list:

  • Strong relationship with Jesus and with his Word
  • Compassionate and non-judgmental
  • Being able to speak the truth in love
  • Being able to spot leaders
  • Others respond to her leadership

What are some key ways Jeanne goes about the work of leadership development?

  • Delegates tasks according to giftedness and pays attention to their ability to carry out the task
  • Spends time with each leader in order to get to know them, watching for the leadership gift to show itself
  • Verbally affirms the leadership qualities she sees in a person
  • Watches for relational skills
  • Is intentional about finding apprentice leaders
  • Trains leaders in what to look for in potential leaders

What are some key principles Jeanne applies to leadership development?

  • When you develop a good team, you develop good leaders
  • Always think about replacing yourself by asking the question, “If not me, who?”
  • Leadership is more about qualities than knowledge
  • A program is only as good as its leaders
  • It’s all about the power of the Lord and the work of the Holy Spirit

To discuss: How does your group develop leaders? How have you been developed as a leader?

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