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We asked Betty to share what she is learning about Coffee Break and Bible discovery. Betty Wieland leads a Coffee Break group, writes and edits study materials and served as the Coffee Break Director for many years.

Question: What are you learning about Bible Discovery?

Betty: I've learned that Bible discovery focused on gaining biblical information is not enough. Discovery questions need to connect with a person's heart as well as the brain. Only those who gain understanding as well as knowledge will be fully open to the Holy Spirit's leading and experience both a heart change and a major life change. It is also important to tailor discovery questions to how those in the group learn best.

  • Use visual images to engage visual learners.
  • Use hypothetical situations to capture the insights of experiential learners and so on.

Most of all, leaders need to love those in their group members so deeply that they feel safe in sharing their questions and concerns as well as themselves. Leaders are learners just as much as those in the group.

Question: What new opportunities do you see for Coffee Break in 2016 and beyond?

Betty: God is raising up a new, younger, more ethnically diverse generation of Coffee Break leaders  and group members, both in the US and Canada, as well as around the world. Men as well as women are drawn to the discovery method of learning about the Bible. Mentoring and passing on the leadership baton will be key to growing these new groups.

The easy accessibility of on-line resources makes Bible discovery possible in all kinds of venues. The possibilities are endless. More user friendly technology will also draw in those who expect Instagram and tweets to be part of interacting with others. Learning to build loving relationships that reflect the love Christ via the sometimes-impersonal technology people expect will be both a challenge and an opportunity.

How would you answer the questions?

  • What are you learning about Bible Discovery?
  • What new opportunities do you see for Coffee Break in 2016 and beyond?

Post answers to your questions below or share your ideas on the Coffee Break Facebook page. Other Coffee Break resources can be found at the Coffee Break Website

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