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You asked for it! New Discover Your Bible studies will be released over the next several weeks for use in the 2016/17 ministry year. What’s new? When is it available?

Discover Colossians - In the book of Colossians, a letter written by the apostle Paul in the first century A.D., we discover the wonders of a “mystery that was hidden for ages.” That mystery is Jesus Christ, now revealed for all people to see as the Savior who transforms us and makes us new. He makes it possible for us to have new life forever, the way God intended from the beginning. In this study we explore with Paul and the Colossians the amazing depths of God’s love for us in Christ, in whom “all things hold together,” so that we too can live by that love in all our relationships.

Discover Colossians features 7 lessons from the letter of Paul to the church in Colossae. Lessons 1-6 focus on the full text of Colossians; lesson 7 (optional) focuses on the gospel message in Colossians.

  • The Discover Colossians digital study will be available for purchase on September 1.
  • The Discover Colossians paperback books will be available September 20, 2016.
  • Discover Colossians in Spanish and Chinese will be available late fall 2016.

Discover Ruth - Some have said the book of Ruth is one of the best short stories ever written. This great story is about God, his care for people, and how God’s story is woven into the lives of ordinary individuals.

Discover Ruth features 4 lessons, with additional free online resources. Lessons 1-4 explore the four chapters of Ruth. The free Guardian-Redeemer lesson, available online in a printable, digital format, encourages both long-time Christians and those new to God’s story to explore the gospel message together. In addition, an appendix with ideas to go deeper into the study, is available for groups or group members at no extra cost.

  • The Discover Ruth digital study will be available by late September.
  • The Discover Ruth paperback books will be available by mid-October.
  • Discover Ruth in Spanish and Chinese will be available late fall 2017.

Free Stand Alone Lessons - Looking for one lesson to try Bible discovery or to fill in an extra week of study? New stand-alone lessons will be available later this fall. Four lessons are in the works:

  • “New Life in Christ” - A study of selected passages from Colossians. The purpose of this lesson is to emphasize the gospel (“good news”) message and to make it clear that the gospel is for everyone.
  • “Morning and Evening” - This study of Psalms 4 and 5 explores morning and evening prayers of King David. We will look at how King David started and ended his day to see what we can learn about starting and ending our day and how we live the hours in between.
  • “Psalm 23” - This lesson will help you discover new things in one of the most familiar passages in the Bible.
  • “Guardian-Redeemer” - In this lesson, you will discover the concept of guardian (kinsman) redeemer, as presented in the book of Ruth. The study explores some Old Testament texts to gain an understanding of the rationale for these ancient laws and how we might apply the spirit of these laws today. Even more important, we will have an opportunity to study some New Testament passages where Christ can be seen as a guardian redeemer, and what that means for each of us.  

Need a study today?

  • Discover Nehemiah (8 lessons, available in both print and digital formats, released 2016). After the exiled people of God are freed to return to Jerusalem, Nehemiah gets involved in some important rebuilding, and he shows significant leadership in rallying the people to rededicate their work and their lives to God. In this Bible study we learn more of how God keeps his promises to guide and deliver his people always.
  • Discover Isaiah (10 lessons, available in both print and digital formats, released Fall 2015). As a prophet of God's people in ancient Judah, Isaiah sounded the alarm that punishment would come if the people did not turn from their rebellious, self-destructive ways against God. But Isaiah could report that redemption and forgiveness would come, too. And today we know that Jesus Christ is the deliverer Isaiah foretold: he is our "Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace" (Isa. 9:6). This study helps us discover how we need the one true, amazing God as much as the people did in Isaiah's day long ago.

Here’s a full list of Discover Your Bible studies. To order Discover Your Bible print or digital materials, go to Faith Alive Christian Resources.

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