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On February 2-4, small group leaders attended the Coffee Break Leadership Retreat at Sunrise Community Church in Port St. Lucie, FL. Attendees split up into four small group conversations to study lesson 2 of Discover Colossians: one group in Spanish and three in English. The Spanish speakers who attended the event were so thankful to have the materials in their first language. 

Retreat attendees also shared stories about how the discovery method has impacted their small groups. Libna Sierra, a pastor’s wife at Sunlight Espanol, told the large group that she used to write her own small group lessons. It took her hours to prepare lessons and presentations. Then she learned about the Discover Your Bible series at a spring 2016 retreat. The materials saved her time but she also noticed that the materials increased small group conversation between group members during and after the study. The discovery method actually strengthened small group relationships.

Natalia shared a similar testimony. Her small group meets at her home and is attended by about 12 men and women. This past summer and fall, the group worked through Discover John with other small groups from their church. She, too, saw an increase in conversation and deeper relationships as they talked together about what the Bible says and means. Their group will be starting Discover Colossians this spring.

Ready to place an order? Click here to order Discover Your Bible studies on the Faith Alive website. You will find Discover Colossians (Spanish) on the list. Click Purchase Digital Print Studies to order. Descubra Rut will be available for your groups by March 15. 

Descubra Colosenses (Discover Colossians – Spanish) Newly Released!

  • En este estudio exploramos con Pablo y los Colosenses, las maravillosas profundidades del amor de Dios por nosotros en Cristo, en quien “todas las cosas forman un todo coherente”, para que podamos vivir por ese amor también, en todas nuestras relaciones.
  • In this study we explore with Paul and the Colossians the amazing depths of God’s love for us in Christ, in whom “all things hold together,” so that we can live by that love too, in all our relationships.

Discover Rut (Discover Ruth - Spanish)

  • El corto relato de Rut occure en un momento oscuro en la historia de Israel, cuando el pueblo a menudo no seguía fielmente a Dios. Pero el libro de Rut provee un detalle positivo en este período difícil, revelando cómo Dios obra a través de su Palabra y a través de unas pocas personas fieles para traer bendición y salvaguardar la verdad de sus promesas desde siglos antiguos.
  • The short story of Ruth takes place in a dark time in Israel’s history, when the people did not often follow God faithfully. But the book of Ruth provides a bright spot in this difficult period, revealing how God works through his Word and through a few faithful people to bring blessings and remain true to his centuries-old promises.

Additional Spanish Studies are available on the Libros Desafio website. 

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