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History can feel dull when it's just names, dates, and events in a textbook. While I'm drawn to the text myself, I recognize that others are not, yet still seek to learn about the past. And what better history to learn about than the very institution that Christ established? The church's story is anything but boring - it's filled with real people and compelling drama. That's why I created The Church History Project podcast.

As a recently launched podcast (which premiered on October 31, 2023), I plan to embark on a rather arduous journey of producing a piece of work unlike most you see today. For the past several months, I have worked in the background on planning, writing scripts, and creating focus groups for first-time listens for a narrative-style audio production of the history of the church.

This is no broad sweep through church history, though. Beginning with the apostolic church in "the womb," so to speak, with the background of the Roman Empire and the culture of the Jews, I'll be slowly working my way through the phases of the church's growing pains and gains, with sweeping prose and accompanying cinematic music, with each episode concluding with application of Reformed thought.

I'm currently 8 episodes in, having just wrapped up the philosophies of ancient Rome, and anticipate moving ahead with the Judean culture during the time of Jesus. 

I hope you will join me on this journey. For more content, visit the podcast ⁠⁠website or wherever you find your podcasts. To join The Church History Project Facebook group to engage in more discussion about released episodes and other fascinating nuggets of church history, you can visit the page ⁠⁠here.


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