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When we’re intentional about weaving stories of God’s faithfulness into the memories we make and share with our children, we form patterns that they can sew into their own faith practices. Here are five ways to practice remembering God’s faithfulness. 


Reflect on God’s never-forgetting love in the lives of God’s people as you read the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Joseph, Esther, Ruth, Paul, and more. Share with each other stories of how you’ve experienced God’s love too. Listen online to Ellie Holcomb’s song “Don’t Forget to Remember,” and make a list together of all the ways she describes that “God will never forget you.” 


When reminiscing with your kids about the past, tell about how you realize now that God was present then. Set aside time daily or weekly to share with each other your “highs and lows” and the ways in which you sense God was with you in both. Be intentional about gratefully including those “God sightings” in family prayers. 


Our sins have been forgiven in the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the Lord’s Supper is one way to remember that gift (1 Cor. 11:23b-26). Wonder together why Jesus used food and drink to remind us how much he loves us. How is the celebration at your church similar to and different from the meal Jesus had with his disciples? How might you remember to be grateful for this gift all week?


Sharing stories of people who have stepped out in faith can serve as an encouragement to your family to do the same today. Be intentional about learning the faith stories of diverse followers of Jesus—from the past as well as the present. When sharing memories of loved ones who have passed away, include stories of how their faith intersected with daily life.


Birthdays provide an opportunity to tell your child how you have seen God at work in their life; anniversaries invite memories of God’s faithfulness. Celebrate the end of each school year with a special treat and stories of how God was with each child that year. Set aside time on New Year’s Eve for a family “Year in Review” (check your family calendar and photos to jog your memory). Make the baptism anniversary of each person a special day too! Explore more ideas in the book Faithful Families by Traci Smith. 

For more great ideas for family faith formation, check out the Dwell at Home resources at and the Faith Practices Project at

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