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The Bible Study group/small group that I am part of has decided to study the book "The Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn. I have mixed feelings about this book being an appropriate one for use as a Bible Study. In my opinion the passage of Isaiah 9:10-11 is only loosely connected with the book. I am wondering if anyone has read the book. I would appreciate some advice on whether this would be a good book for a Bible Study or not.


I recommend the study of this book, but I would first recommend that you obtain a copy of the Isaiah 9:10 Judgment DVDs (a set of two DVDs) so you may view what precisely what the Harbinger covers.  Read the book.  Judge for yourselves about its message, then watch the DVDs, or go to Youtube at the following URL:  and this URL:  both of these showcase the DVD documentary based upon Jonathan Cahn's book, The Harbinger.

The Harbinger is a warning to Christians in America to repent, to return to God, to seek His ways, and to pray for the nation and be a light unto the people, and to renew our nation with leaders who will honor the Lord and serve His purposes.  There is already a stir in the halls of official Washington D.C. as I write this, and several elected representatives and senators have reacted to its message; a timely message that we must heed if we are to survive as a people and as a nation before the coming of Christ.

If Nineveh did it, and it was not a covenant nation with God, but God warned it through the prophet Jonah, we can do it to, why?  Because as Christians we are God's people, and as Christians we have a responsibility to pray for our nation, for our leaders, and elect public servants who represent our values and our ideals; ideals and values that made our republic the envy of the world.

We have lost it all in one generation, and if we continue the trajectory that we have been the past fifty-two years, we will not endure as the shining city on a hill that President Reagan spoke so eloquently about and America's pilgrim fathers once envisioned which was culled from the words of Our Lord in Matthew 5:14.  Yes, I would highly recommend you read The Harbinger, paying close attention to its underlying theme and its plea to US and to prayerfully develop a Bible Study around it.  If you are interested in more information about a study of The Harbinger, you may contact Hope of the World Miistries at their website at the following URL:




(3) Jonathan Cahn with Sid Roth - Harbinger the Warning
Part 1 (28:31):
Part 2 (28:31):


(1) "Tom Daschle Speech, 12 September 2001"; (4:24 video)
(watch starting at 3:11 -- By the way, In Revelation 3:11, Jesus tells us "Behold,I am coming quickly!")

(2) "John Kerry Speech After 9/11"; 12 September 2001 (Text)

(3) "Giuliani The Night of 9-11-01 'We will rebuild'", 11 September 2001 (0:23 video)

(4) "OBAMA'S 9 11 SPEECH - PSALM 46, What is he really trying to tell us?", 11 September 2011 (1:50 video)


Book: "THE HARBINGER: THE ANCIENT MYSTERY THAT HOLDS THE SECRET OF AMERICA'S FUTURE" by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (paperback, Kindle edition, or audio CDs) available at or the World Net Daily website at

DVD: "THE ISAIAH 9:10 JUDGMENT: IS THERE AN ANCIENT MYSTERY THAT FORTELLS AMERICA'S FUTURE?" -- a "documentary treatment of "The Harbinger" book -- available at or the World Net Daily website at

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