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I raise this question because on the one hand I read in places like the Banner that this is true. But I also read in places like Calvin's Institute of Worship that convergence worship is worship of choice of young adults. How can both of these be true? If convergence worship is so popular among young adults than why would they leave the CRC which clearly embraces convergence worship hook line and sinker. Evidence for this is on Calvin's Institute of Worship web site, Calvin Seminaries excellence in preaching articles and our new hymnal. 

Convergence worship is not a new discovery, to a certain extent has been the the favored mode of worship for decades. Since we have always sung songs early in the church's history and representative of a wide range of the church's history. Witness the red, blue, gray and once again red hymnals. More recently that concept was revised to make a special appeal to worship that uses the modern day Christian music of contemporary culture heard on Christian radio. Either way both forms of convergence worship may or may not be cutting it with young adults and more broadly with contemporary society. If we are still losing young adults to other churches or worse to no church at all then let me be so bold to suggest that the CRC has some very serious liturgical worship changes to ponder. I have a suggestion, let's just have the young adults tell us what they prefer without we older adults suggesting to them what they should prefer.

In short how is the CRC doing with young adults when it comes to its worship?



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