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I've been in my current church for almost seventeen years now. Over the years it has always been a challenge to come up with fresh ideas for special seasons. So, a little open-source initiative. It's too late to share ideas for Advent but as my Christmas gift to anyone who will take it (and in the hopes of getting some fresh ideas back in the process) here are a few Lenten preaching series that I've done in the past. If you have any series ideas, post away!

  1. Walking the Jericho Road—the road from Jericho to Jerusalem figures in both the Old Testament and the New. It was along this road that Mary and Joseph realized that they had lost Jesus, that the parable of the good Samaritan took place, etc. Several other passages could be listed, all of which can be woven into a Lenten theme.
  2. Words of Jesus on the Cross
  3. The Upper Room discourse and surrounding events
  4. Parables of the last week
  5. The Trials of Jesus 
  6. Seven Signs in the book of John—Christ's miracles and how they apply to his sacrifice
  7. Shadows of the Cross—Old Testament images/types, sacrifice of Isaac, scapegoat, etc...
  8. What Jesus Saw from the Cross (based somewhat on a book by A.D. Sertillanges)

Got any ideas to add? 


Thank you for this wonderful gift, Jeff! I've done a series before on the words from the cross. I really like the Jericho road idea!

I think my favorite Lent-Easter series I've preached was when I connected the life of Joseph in Genesis with Jesus' passion, death, and resurrection. I was surprised at the parallels and echoes between the two stories. You're welcome to see what I did on my blog:


This year I am going through the "I am" statements in John.

As I began research on a book on preaching Christ from Psalms, my proofreaders suggested I follow the Psalms selected for the Christian Year by the Common Lectionary, Year A.  Although the Lectionary selected these Psalms in response to the Old Testament lessons, the selected Psalms themselves make for wonderful, enlightening series of sermons for Advent, Lent, and the whole Christian year.  I learned a lot from the research and writing.  If you wish to do something different from other years, I suggest you consider a series on Psalms.

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