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How different is this new material from the previous QWA (Questions Worth Asking)? Anyone know? 

"Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry" by Doug Fields could also serve as a good starter. :)

It's filled with stories and practical suggestions. Super easy read. 

We're using our ministry social media accounts (mostly on instagram through stories and igtv) to put out devotionals and resources. We're hoping to also use our social media platforms to encourage families to engage in discipleship. So one example would be to share a short message and a few discussion questions so that parents could watch it with their kids and discuss it together over the dinner table. In terms of resources, we've been coming up with our own, continuing in our theme for this year. Some examples of things we're planning to do are: answering common questions students ask ("how do I deal with doubt?" or "how do I share my faith with my friends?"), table discipleship (for families to engage in), and some encouragement relays among the youth with shoutouts/@-mentions. 

Thanks for sharing Kevin. This sounds like a cool idea. I'm wondering how this would look like in a youth ministry that has more students than leaders... ?


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