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Hi Dan,
 Just a point of clarification:  In it's nearly 60 years of ministry, World Renew has never received any ministry share funding.  We depend solely on the generous gifts of our supporters.

And if you like cattle, we'd love to have you check out our gift catalog and buy a cow, or a herd, and help farmers around the world raise cattle to help their families. We hope this helps!

This is definitely a creative outreach tool!

We hope you would consider World Renew when looking for an international organization to support. World Renew does many water projects as well and the unique difference compared to many other independent Christian development organizations is that World Renew works with local church partners and has a history of doing so way back to the 1970s.  Working with local church partners is a very important value for World Renew because the local church promotes a sustainable presence and on-going faith nurturing role far beyond the departures of international organizations. 

Many international Christian agencies ultimately replace the work of the local church while World Renew is an agency that very effectively RENEWs and strengthens the work of the local church.   Why does World Renew place so much emphasis on this?  It is because the church is the “bride” of Christ and we seek to “adorn her” as much as possible.

There are many opportunities for CRCs to partner with local churches that World Renew works with overseas and research shows this has a significant positive impact on CRCs also connecting with their own local community.  Staff from World Renew are eager to connect you....just a phone call or email away.  Now is a great time for CRC congregations to reconsider how they connect in ministry. 

We want to hear from you.

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