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We have a 3-person committee (all unpaid) with alternating 3-year terms. One person is in charge of making the schedule. Each of the 3 committee members are in charge of the nursery for one month at a time. This person reminds the nursery workers that are assigned to work each week, makes sure the workers show up on Sunday and gives them any instructions, washes the toys once that month (or more if it's flu season) and replenishes Cheerios. Any moms who utilize the nursery are candidates for this committee. :)

We are recently having a similar conversation - do we have a combined Cadets and Gems Sunday? This year the theme and theme verse is the same for both groups, which makes things difficult for a pastor who wants to preach to each group's theme verse on their designated Sunday, but preaching on the same text a few months apart gets to be a little redundant... Does anyone know if the Cadets and Gems plan to have the same theme going forward? Or was this a one time thing?

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