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Posted in: Virtual VBS?

All I'm asking for is some ideas of how churches are running their VBS programs this summer.  I have no desire in debating what VBS is or isn't.  

Your answer has only confused me as to what you think VBS is.  First you say it shouldn't be about content and group size, then say we should open it up to worldwide.   If we do a virtual VBS the content can be easily posted on YouTube for anyone to access...but that depends on how you do your virtual lesson...with vulnerable ppl included.  For safety reasons if a church is including children in their content, then some may not want to have that put on the web for all to see.

I also am not as skilled or trained in putting the VBS week together as some places such as group are, so if group wants to create content that can be used worldwide, I will let them.  But as a church with limited resources and volunteers, we are happy to reach out to our own community for now


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