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I first read the book early in 2020 while we were out of state, before the coronavirus. I appreciated reading it then but when I read it again for the book study the information really sank in for me. Ruth writes with conviction and resolve to continue to carry her message forward.  I appreciated the following quotable quotes: "Sexual assault is not 'a women's issue.' Sexual assault is a violation of the implicit societal covenant not to harm vulnerable persons." p. 231,  and "The absence of response is not neutrality, but complicity." p. 236  It was great to interact and learn with others by Zoom.  Phyllis Roelofs


Thanks for the link to the documentary. After watching it, my response is that our families, churches, schools, businesses, social institutions, and governments will benefit from more women who are willing to speak up and out, identify, and implement plans for much needed change.  Of course men will be required to support and assist as they did in AOC's campaign. Working together in a complementary manner is always the best option.  

Recently re-read Ruined, a memoir by Ruth Everhart, and her recently released #MeToo Reckoning - Facing the Church's Complicity in Sexual Abuse and Misconduct. Both are important reads for instilling awareness and establishing effective advocacy for change.  

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