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There are significant fluctuations, both up and down, when comparing the average total base salary plus housing for a specific classis to the average reported in last year's finance guide. Would it be possible for you to publish the US average and median for this year's guide, the US average and median from last year's guide, the number of churches in each classis, the number of responses for each classis, as well as the median for each classis. Thank you! 

Would you also please check the averages of $102,000 listed for both Grand Rapids East and Illiana. Considering the numbers are exact thousands and the averages reported in the 2021 guide, they seem to be outliers. Thank you!  

Thank you for the response. Has anyone there compared the 2022 salary average for each classis to the corresponding 2021 average. I have done so, and there are dramatic increases (11 to 62%) in 11 classes and decreases (10 to 27%) in 7 classes. That's why I am asking for the median to be included. Also, listing the total number of pastors and the number of responses in each classis would help understand the reliability of the average. I would also ask for the salary data to be available in csv format. Thanks!

Hi Tim, at our church, we're still using paper expense reports, so I'm not able to help in that area. However, I am wondering whether you are aware of any churches using an HR system? Keeping track of employee merit and cost of living increases, spot awards, also possibly vacation requests and tracking, and also time card reporting and approval? Our bookkeeper uses QuickBooks Payroll, so for time reporting for hourly employees, integration with QB Payroll would be a plus. Thanks! 

Does your church use a church management system? Many of those systems will allow a staff member or volunteer to enter a visitor's contact information, the date the guest first attended, and even develop a workflow to assign follow-up to a staff member or volunteer. 

Hi Joshua, as others have noted, there are many companies offering church management software systems. Last year after evaluating many systems, we converted to One Church Software, and I would highly recommend them. I believe they still offer special pricing for small churches. However, if your church doesn't need the other tools and features of a comprehensive system, I think it would be quite workable to set up an Excel spreadsheet to record key dates and information for your members and regular attenders. Please feel free to reach out if you need any additional assistance.

Hi Joshua, to add to my previous comments, if you decide to set up a spreadsheet, I would strongly encourage you to review the annual denomination questionnaire for categories and dates you would want to set up  and include. Some of the information requested is date driven. 

Hello Tim, our church (Community CRC Roselawn) is looking to upgrade from Power Church to an integrated suite. Are you aware of any good resources that compare the features and functionality, ease of use, reporting, customer support, and future feature development for leading church management systems? Also, are you aware of churches that have recently gone through the process of evaluating, selecting and implementing an integrated system? Thanks!  

Hello Ken, the administrative team of our church has also discussed the questions raised. I'm wondering whether any documents have been developed? And if so, whether you would be willing to share them? Thanks!

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