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These words hit home for me: "I’m grateful to each and every one of them for loving and leading God’s people in a denomination that can, at times, be less than enthusiastic, indifferent, or even defiant about their leadership. No one can deny that 'the first person through the wall always gets bloody.'”

Thank you to each and every person who has followed the guidance of the Spirit even when defiant leadership placed more bricks on the wall.

I kid you not, I am listening to the St. Olaf Choir right now! I went to it on Spotify a few minutes before opening this post. 

Anyway...I've been wondering the same. Singing is life giving, healing, and fun! I can't imagine not singing with people. 

Last November during a prayer conference, I began to hear God calling me to investigate this word "humility." I could feel him calling me learn what it means for my own life. I slowly began reading and researching. My first discovery (re-discovery?) was how Jesus exemplified humility but undoubtedly without the label of being timid. 

COVID has derailed my personal, private, learning. But there have been numerous opportunities to learn from the actions of others over the last 3 months. 

And God, in his frequently pointed but humorous way, has recently placed the word directly in my path once again. Time to dive deep.

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