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Volunteering comes from the heart. Do not let your heart over run your limits. Possible suggestion might be to always work in pairs so even if one can't make it to get a job done, another might step up to replace. Cross train and delegate. The harvest is great and the workers are few. Make it fun. Take it one step at a time and make sure that others are involved. Show them that you are willing but need the help. Be friendly, strong and encouraging. Pray. Ask God to send in the troops and keep at it. Pray, did I say pray? Just do it. Smile.

I believe that in the larger churches, the trauma issues would be referred to a pyramid group that had the knowledge and experience to guide the victims within the church/community. If there are no pyramid layers to rely on, the Pastor has to take the lead over his people that need him because of privacy laws and so forth. I do not think that it should all fall on the shoulders of the Pastor, especially if there is more than one person who needs support continually. At some point, there needs to be selected others to take the care giving in hand. I also believe that there are caring congregation family members that need to be involved. Churches need to seek, continually, to find more within the support groups to cover a multitude of issues. People, churches and leadership are always changing. We must stay on top to assist and encourage all.

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